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This Saturday - 11/25/17

How to Sell to a Seller


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When talking with a potential seller, understanding how to sell them on why & how they should sell their property to you is vital.  What questions should you ask?  What issues might come up?  What might the seller say and how should you respond?  Even though investors on the buyer's side of the conversation, successful Real Estate Investors have developed the skill of "Selling to the Seller."  Join us this Saturday to hear experienced investors share their insights on this incredibly important topic.

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If you are looking at buying or selling a certain property, but you would like some advice before you go forward with the deal, you can present the deal’s info to the group and receive valuable feedback, along with an "up or down" vote on whether the deal is a good one.  There is always a "post vote" discussion with explanations from those who voted "thumbs up" and from those who voted "thumbs down."  This is a very valuable tool that has brought great benefit to many of us.

Owner Finance & Buying "Subject To" Class - 12/02/2017


Breakfast & Lunch Included  

Make Big Money with Seller Financing & Buying "Subject To"

Texas Real Estate Attorney,

Bryan Dunklin,

who taught Real Estate law at SMU for 23 years will cover:

  • The latest on the SAFE Act and the Dodd-Frank Mortgage Reform Act regulating residential financing
  • Wraps/All Inclusive Notes, Land Trusts., Contracts for Deed, Lease/Options and More
  • How to make money with Owner Financing that complies with Texas and Federal law

These techniques are some of the best ways to make money in Real Estate today.  Attend this class and learn how to dramatically increase your profits and the number of deals you can do, and limit your personal liability in the process.  We'll see you there!

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If you'd like to meet every Saturday with a group of active, experienced real estate professionals who'll help you learn more about the real estate business and do more deals, then the DFW Real Estate Investor Club is for you.

We are a real estate networking group focused on education, deal making, and helping others.  If you have years of experience or if you're just starting and need to learn more, you'll love the Dallas/Fort Worth Real Estate Investor Club.

We have members who have 30+ years of experience as well as those who are working toward their first deal.

Our meetings are structured but relaxed, so if you've got questions during the meetings, ask them!

We are based in Ft. Worth, Texas, but our goal is to help as many people as possible across the nation.

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We regularly video our weekly Saturday meetings.  For paid members who have missed meetings, we now have recent meeting audio & recent meeting video.  Please join us, so you can stay tuned in even when you can't attend in person.

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