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This Saturday (4/4/20)

Real Estate Investing

During a Pandemic

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The Coronavirus pandemic is on everybody’s mind right now. It’s having an effect on multiple markets, and Real Estate is no exception. What will happen to property values? Will rental rates fall? Will labor & material costs rise? Why? How will the government handle this? What will lenders do? How long will this crisis last? What actions can I take to identify & manage my risks related to the economic impact on my Real Estate Business? Are there any silver linings to be found? Join us this Saturday for a frank, up-to-the-minute discussion of this urgent topic.

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Wholesale Real Estate Home Study Course and their Short Sale Home Study Course.


The Self-Directed IRA Investing 3-hr MCE class with H. Quincy Long, President of Entrust Retirement Services, Inc. is there too. 


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Full Day Class (7/11/20)

The Art of 
Private MoneyCould You Use an Unlimited Supply 
of Money to do All the Residential
and Commercial Deals You Can Find?

Breakfast Included! 


Alan Cowgill  

will show you several things in the morning session like:

1) How to get profit when you buy your property
2) How to have people ready to write you a check to buy property by picking up the phone
3) How not to be at the mercy of banks
4) How to get private money from people you don’t know legally
5) Find out magic words to pre-screen potential lenders
6) Listen to Alan’s elevator speech to find private loans
7) His awesome luncheon presentation he uses to attract private funds
8) IRA’s - the greatest source of private funds
9) Learn the best, easiest, and cheapest way to fund your real estate deals
10) Learn Alan’s step-by-step technique on how to buy 5 to 7 houses per month
11) Learn 14 benefits of using private lenders


If you think his morning session sounds great, wait 'til you see what's in store for you after lunch.  Don’t miss:

1) Steps on getting IRA Lenders money to the closing table
2) How to keep in compliance with the SEC regulations
3) Do’s and Don’ts with private lenders
4) How to build credibility with lenders
5) Alan’s special Q&A session where he goes over critical elements with private lenders
6) Powerful yet inexpensive lead generating techniques

And... Alan will show you how to do deals with no monthly payments.

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Maybe you only want Arlington property owners who live in the Houston area who have owned their houses for 10 years or more?

Looking only for houses built after 1980 owned by trusts or estates that are valued $90K to $120K?

The possibilities are endless!

If you want to supercharge your search for great deals and streamline your time and budget, this service is for you!

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Property Listing Service (PLS)

The PLS is here!  You can post listings with photos & video, design custom searches, get auto-email notification when new listings match your saved searches & more.  Post/Search for Wholesale, Retail, REO, Short Sales, etc.

If you'd like to meet every Saturday with a group of active, experienced real estate professionals who'll help you learn more about the real estate business and do more deals, then the DFW Real Estate Investor Club is for you.

We are a real estate networking group focused on education, deal making, and helping others.  If you have years of experience or if you're just starting and need to learn more, you'll love the Dallas/Fort Worth Real Estate Investor Club.

We have members who have 30+ years of experience as well as those who are working toward their first deal.

Our meetings are structured but relaxed, so if you've got questions during the meetings, ask them!

We are based in Ft. Worth, Texas, but our goal is to help as many people as possible across the nation.

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Meeting Video

We regularly video our weekly Saturday meetings.  For paid members who have missed meetings, we now have recent meeting audio & recent meeting video.  Please join us, so you can stay tuned in even when you can't attend in person.

NEW Cool Tool

Wondering what the rents are in a certain area?  Want to know if you're charging too much or too little in rent?  Checkout the RentOMeter tool.  You can also review rental statistics from around the country.




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