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Apartment/multi-family investing

  • 12 Jul 2021 5:13 PM
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     I am looking to invest in my first apartment complex (between 25-35) units.  As such I am looking for any good resources on how to best evaluate such deals and best practices on how to proceed with acquisition all the way to exit strategy.

    Also interested in partnering on such deals.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated

  • 13 Jul 2021 9:11 AM
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    Robin Carriger (Administrator)

    Hey Bernee,

    There are a lot of books, videos, training courses, etc. out there on this topic, so I won't try to duplicate those.  As with single-family houses, there are multiple funding, management and exit possibilities.  What you do with a deal depends on its unique characteristics coupled with your personal preferences.

    Sounds like you have a specific property in mind.  We've owned apartments for a few years now and have learned quite a few valuable lessons.  If you'd like to give me a call at 817-300-1132, I'll be happy to brainstorm with you.  You &/or I can update this thread as things progress for the benefit of everyone else.



  • 16 Sep 2021 8:27 PM
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    Hello -- my name is Pierre and we recently moved to Dallas suburbs (Frisco).   I just joined this group and love the concept! 

    My wife and I are looking to have multiple investments in the area in the coming years.  We just purchased a property and are looking to get into multi-family investment.   Happy to partner to create stronger financial power.  Happy to jump on a call. 



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