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Foaming Interior Slab

  • 18 Mar 2021 2:35 PM
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     i have property in fort worth needs foundation work 

    and came across companies that does "foaming the interior of the foundation rather than putting piers inside  the interior  and saving money on the  flooring  

    Has any body have any experience , that it is worth while ?

    please let me know

  • 24 Mar 2021 7:15 AM
    Reply # 10230363 on 10210908

    I do not have any info on foaming.  I personally would want to know how it stands up over time.   I would think the "foam" would eventually break down.  However, traditional piers don't stay where they are permanently either.  The trick is to find a foundation company that can give you the info you need honestly and openly and not give you the sales pitch.  each method has it's faults.  I would call around and see which company can give you honest opinions.  don't talk to the sales people, hopefully the owner or someone who has been in the business a long time.  it won't be hard to figure out who knows their stuff and seems upfront and honest. 

  • 18 Jul 2021 11:42 AM
    Reply # 10759681 on 10210908

    Foam to lift a slab is simply a recent modification of mud-pumping/jacking.  I believe it is useful for raising temporarily patios, drives, roads and walks, I couldn’t recommend it for structural slabs like a home foundation.  Soils in Texas expand and contract with soil moisture changes.  Each time they shrink when dried, they don’t expand back 100% when moisture returns.  However, if you have filled the void under the slab with foam or cemented materials, the slab may be lifted during wetter seasons much like when there is a water source such as plumbing leaks beneath a slab.  It is a shim, under the slab, resting on the same soils which have already failed once and does nothing to prevent future failure.  



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