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Wholesale Real Estate Investing Home Study Course (6 hrs of Teaching + Contracts & Forms) Instructors: Robin Carriger & Cindy Carriger

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Wholesaling is an awesome way to get started in Real Estate Investing, it’s scalability is virtually unlimited, and it can be very profitable. Get the planning & execution of your Wholesaling business right, and you’re on your way. Interested? Get this video to hear experienced investors, Robin & Cindy Carriger, share key insights on their years of experience as successful Wholesalers. Don't miss it! These topics are covered: • Finding Wholesale Deals • Recognizing Good Wholesale Deals • Determining What a Property is Worth • Vital Communication with Sellers • Estimating Repairs • Getting a Deal Under Contract • Using Contract "Escape Clauses" Wisely • Finding & Negotiating with Rehabbers & Landlords who will buy your Wholesale Deals • Choosing from Multiple Ways to Close a Wholesale Deal • Filling Out the Paperwork • Avoiding the Pitfalls
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