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Advice on Building a Buyers List?

  • 23 Jun 2020 1:21 PM
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    Hi DFW REI Club,

    I'm curious about any creative methods to build a buyers list for wholesaling in Tarrant County. I currently go to about 3-4 networking events/week. However, that can be a slow process, depending on if the meeting is for networking or not.

    Are there any other ways people have had success?



  • 24 Jun 2020 10:17 AM
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    If you are offering good deals, the buyers will come.
    If you are offering the same crap deals as every other wholesaler, you will face an uphill battle.

    Also, its far better to have a few good buyers than a large list of crappy ones.

    Focus on the deals and stick with buyers that perform.

    I hope this helps,
      Neil Aggarwal
      Property Financing, LLC

  • 24 Jun 2020 1:05 PM
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    Ok. How do I find the "good buyers"? (Besides REI meetups, as I already do that.


  • 25 Jun 2020 8:56 AM
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    Did you read the first sentence of my post?

    Do you have a good deal to offer?  If so, show it to people and you will get buyers.  If not, get that first.

      Neil Aggarwal
      Property Financing, LLC

  • 25 Jun 2020 11:01 AM
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    second what Neil says, but if you want warm bodies, that is easy.  you can go to Facebook and search the real estate groups for people asking the same question.   However, if I were a wholesaler, I would want a few performing people that will buy with a phone call because they trust you and your price.  then you wouldn't have to be a showing agent plus wasting your time marketing to investors and wasting your time, every time.   Like Neil said, learn the true cost of rehabbing and get your selling price fair so it's a win-win for you and investor.  every time.  

  • 26 Jun 2020 2:38 PM
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    I agree with everything that's been said in this thread and wanted to add a couple more comments/ideas for you.  I've been in the business 20 years and I can tell you your listing building is NEVER done.  People come and go in the business very frequently so you can't afford to ever stop.  Solid deals, social media, networking meetings are all worth it in my opinion but you may also want to consider systemizing your list building i.e getting a website set up specifically for Buyers to join your list 24/7.  You can then post this to social media, classified ads sites etc and share at all the networking events you attend and watch your list group while you sleep.  Is it perfect, no but it works and over time you can't have a large list.  I have two different systems I use that both generate alot of Buyers.  You can also hire an assistant or a VA to help you building your list, searching the web and calling them with a script you write.  There are many ways.  It does take time to establish a large list if that's what you are after.

    Feel free to reach out if you want to learn more about the two different systems I use.  MasterREI@AllWholesaleProperties.com.

    Stay safe and healthy out there.

  • 27 Jun 2020 11:15 AM
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    You need one good buyer and that’s me :) I closed on 43 properties in June so far and I have a bunch more on Monday and Tuesday. Please feel free to run our entity, Texan Mutual LLC. Please give me a call to discuss. 214-506-3485. 

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