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Is a house hacking strategy feasible in DFW?

  • 12 May 2020 5:22 PM
    Message # 8964588

    Hi all,

    I've mentioned during a few saturday meetings that I intend to begin looking for a duplex to "house hack" come Novemberish of this year.

    I haven't found too many duplexes that would make sense to house hack with an FHA loan. (3.5% down would put a max price (incl. repairs) of around 200K ish +/- 10K)

    I feel like I can only find that in an unsafe area. Anybody have advice on where to look? My preference is to be in the mid-cities and not farther east than West Dallas.

    If not, are there other strategies I can take to reduce housing expense? I really liked the idea of house hacking and doubling my savings rate, but it just seems like finding a duplex in my price range in a safe area might be a very rare occurrence. Thoughts? Are there other alternatives besides house hacking that can help me save faster?


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