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email subscription disabled

  • 03 Feb 2020 5:17 PM
    Message # 8716760

    Hi Robin. Just wondering why my email subscription has been disabled.


  • 04 Feb 2020 5:56 PM
    Reply # 8727608 on 8716760
    Robin Carriger (Administrator)


    First of all, this is an individual issue and should not continue here on the Discussion Forum.  Please give me a call at 817-300-1132 if you need to discuss this further.

    With that said, the related error message reported to me via my Website engine is as follows:

    "Email delivery disabled on 09 Nov 2018

    Email delivery was disabled due to persistent delivery failures. Please update the contact's email address to resume email delivery."

    This indicates that you changed email addresses or something else happened that caused emails sent to you from our automated system to fail.



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