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Dana Klaft

Dana Klaft is an accomplished Real Estate Investor, Teacher, Mentor & Trainer and has been for almost 20 years.  In fact, he & his wife, Terri, received Real Estate Investor Masters status back in 2006.  Dana became a full-time investor, on his 50th birthday, in March of 2007.  Now, at 66 years old, he is more active than ever.  Dana & his wife of 34 years, Terri, started their Real Estate investing career in 2004 and have completed over 300 deals.  Dana's "Keep Your Cash Spend Your Knowledge" approach, to Real Estate, is catching on like wildfire!

Dana & Terri live in Southern California, where the Real Estate climate is more competitive than most other areas of the country.  Their Real Estate dreams began in the late 1990's when they purchased a late-night infomercial course from TV.  The course arrived, several days later, and Dana did what many others have done.  He placed it on the shelf in his office where it sat for about 5 years.  When the Real Estate bug rekindled, their curiosity prompted them to purchase the updated version of the same course and it was promptly placed it on the shelf next to the first one.  After about 6 months, Dana finally got the course out and read through it in about 3 evenings.  His take away from that was to write down some attainable goals.  Fifty-eight days later they owned their first 2 properties and never looked back!  They completed 50 deals in the first 3 1/2 years largely through education purchased from various Real Estate gurus.  To date they have spent over $150K on education, which has paid huge dividends.

For the last 12 years, Dana and Terri have comprised a multi-million-dollar Real Estate consulting team.  They have traveled extensively throughout the US, mentoring their own students as well as many for other well-known Real Estate gurus.  You may have even seen them previously hosting a seminar in & around DFW.  Dana & Terri pioneered their local Real estate Investor club back in June 2011.

Although they have owned 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 8 unit properties, they prefer median priced, single-family homes.  Dana will share with you why single-family homes fit their business model better than any other configuration.  Dana & Terri personally invest in "Buy & Hold" properties within a 90-mile radius of their own backyard.

Having mentoring clients all over the country allows them "boots on the ground" in markets that they would not normally pursue.  Dana is big on Wholesaling, but it leaves a lot of money on the table.  He will share his strategy on how to stay in the deal.

About half of Dana's 300 deals have been "Fix & Flip" projects.  Dana has learned to streamline the process in a very interesting way.  His knack for locating off-market deals is unique & unsurpassed by most others.  Using that "knack," Dana & Terri have been through the 2007/2008 downturn, the crazy market that has emerged since, and are able to navigate any market up or down.

They have not only done countless Wholesale & Fix & Flip deals, but they have used the "Subject To" & "Multiple Offer" strategies extensively as well.  Commercial Real Estate Investing as well as Buying & Selling Notes are in their realm of knowledge as well.

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