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Larry Harbolt

Larry Harbolt is widely recognized as one of the most skilled and experienced creative seller financing teachers in the country today. With an impressive 45-year track record as a real estate investor, Larry's knowledge and expertise have helped countless individuals to build successful careers in the industry.

Born and raised in Michigan, Larry's passion for real estate began at the age of 30. After working as a plumber and a licensed contractor he quickly realized that he could make more money investing in real estate than breaking his back working construction. That is when he started buying and selling properties, learning about buying houses using seller financing terms and developing creative strategies for financing deals.

Over the years, Larry has become a leading authority on creative seller financing, a method of real estate investing that involves structuring deals in such a way that both the buyer and the seller benefit. His expertise in this area is unparalleled, and he has taught thousands of students how to use creative financing to build wealth and achieve financial freedom.

In addition to his work as a teacher, Larry is also a highly successful real estate investor. He has been involved in hundreds of deals over the course of his career, using his expertise in creative financing to structure deals that are both profitable and fair.

Larry's commitment to education and his passion for real estate have earned him a reputation as one of the most respected and influential figures in the industry today. His books, courses, and seminars are highly sought after, and his students credit him with changing their lives and helping them to achieve their dreams.

Despite his success, Larry remains humble and grounded, always eager to learn and to share his knowledge with others. He is a true inspiration to anyone who wants to succeed in the world of real estate investing, and his legacy as a teacher and mentor will continue to inspire future generations of investors for years to come.

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