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“Never Walk Into a Bank Again” – Creative Real Estate Deal Structuring with Larry Harbolt

Full-Day Class, Online Only, Saturday June 10, 2023 (Register)

Larry Harbolt is asked continually for his thoughts on what the Real Estate market is going to do. Having been in the Real Estate investing business for 45 years and lived through seven different economic cycles where markets have gone up & down, he speaks with the voice of experience when he warns us that too many of the same problems of the past are looming in the coming months. It’s time to learn how to be able to buy houses with techniques that work no matter what the market conditions are.

With high inflation, interest rates rising at an alarming rate, gas prices at an all time high, food costs rising and a Real Estate market over the last several years exploding, Larry has been predicting today’s transitioning market for a while now.

Larry learned creative deal structuring secrets years ago that Gurus today don’t teach, and he’s ready to share them with you. These techniques are pure gold, and they’re timeless too.

On Saturday June 10th, Larry will describe five different buying techniques that have worked in the past that most investors don’t know how to implement.

Any of these five different creative buying techniques can enable Real Estate Investors to buy houses where income and good credit won’t be the determining factors. Larry will share how the ability to borrow affordable money will no longer depend on having a good credit score regardless of your current position.

In order to gain the knowledge needed to handle today’s difficult economic factors, every investor needs to learn what Larry will be talking about. Everyone who joins us on Saturday June 10th will hear ideas on how to do more deals than they are currently able to do.

On Saturday June 10th, Larry will share with you…..

  • How to find deals other investors don’t know about
  • Why Banks and Hard Money lenders will no longer be a necessity
  • Why good credit will no longer be a factor for you to do deals
  • Different ways to avoid paying interest
  • Creative buying techniques that work regardless of market or economic conditions
  • How to quickly build a steady income with Real Estate
  • How to make money structuring deals for others without the need to be a Real Estate agent, legally, morally, and ethically
  • If you’re a Real Estate agent, how to increase the amount you can make above your standard Real Estate commission
  • How to structure deals other investors in your area can’t replicate or compete with

You don’t want to miss being in this class on Saturday June 10th to learn new and far better ideas that can allow you to do more deals and make far more money.

One of Larry’s mentors once said, “Those who refuse to learn what experts know are doomed to continually repeat the past and face a life of mediocrity and hard work with fewer results and far less profit than those who learn what is needed to enable them to buy more houses and enhance their lives and their family’s lives.”

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