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Zack Childress

(Register: Thursday Night 1/14/21) (online only)

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Zack Childress is highly respected in the Real Estate Investor community including on a national level.  Zack has been a full-time investor for over 19 years, has seen good markets & bad markets, and has invested in all of them.  He is a true Veteran when it comes to understanding market cycles and how to capitalize on them.  Zack started his investing in California and quickly moved across the US.  He now Lives in Madison, Alabama.  He still invests in 9 different markets across the US as well as in his home of Madison County, Alabama.  He invests in single-family rentals, apartments, warehouse space, commercial buildings, fix & flips, and any creative deal that comes his way.

Zack is the President of the Madison County Real Estate Association.  This Association has been teaching investors in the local area for over 15 years and has been under his watch for the last 10 years.  It is the only true Real Estate Investor Association in Northern Alabama.  He's a youth leader at his church for 4th grade ministry, he coaches for the YMCA, and he’s been the Horizon PTA President for the last 2 years.

Zack started sharing with others how to find financial freedom through Real Estate Investing 10 years ago and quickly became one of the top educators in the Real Estate Investing space.  Over those ten years, he’s been speaking and teaching his investing strategies nationally from West Coast to East Coast and even internationally.  He is sought after to teach on topics like, Wholesaling, Creative Financing, Fix & Flips, Buy & Holds, Automation, Systems & Processes, Marketing, and How to scale a business.

Zack has even been endorsed by Kevin Harrington, one of the Sharks from the hit TV show, “Shark Tank.”  They teamed up to bring Zack’s new book to market, and it became a Best Seller in less than a month.  He is a bestselling author of 2 books, and he’s been featured on media outlets like the ESPN Radio show “Business & More Talk,” USA Today, ABC, NBC, Realtor.com, Barnes & Noble, Forbes, and Fox News just to name a few.

Zack overcame the housing crash of 2008 and came out on the other side stronger than ever, so he’s "been there & done" that through challenging times in our industry.  That strength comes with years of experience.

Zack Childress, is also one of the leading experts in the Virtual Real Estate Investing business and has mentored/consulted with students from all over the US and in different regions of the world.  He mentors those who seek him out to learn the secrets of investing in Real Estate for big profits.  His students call him the “REAL” Real Estate Mentor because he is an active Real Estate Investor working it every day.

Zack believes that all successful businesses must not only have systems in place in order to succeed but that they need someone with experience who can provide 1-on-1 support to help them get started as well.

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