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Owner Financing & Buying "Subject To" Existing Loans

Full-Day Class (Class Video/Docs/Power Point Presentation)

Bryan DunklinIn this class with local Real Estate Attorney, Bryan Dunklin, learn how to make big money while reducing your risk.

Soft copies of more than 179 pages, including, Bryan’s PowerPoint, presentation, forms, contracts, articles, sample documents, statutes, regulations, cases, and checklists are available as well.



Bryan covers:

- Seller Financing

- Wraparound/All-Inclusive Notes

- Buying "Subject To" Existing Loans

- Land Trusts

- Contracts for Deeds

- Leases with Options

These techniques may be the absolute best way to play the game successfully when a buyer can’t qualify for a conventional loan. In this class, you can learn how to dramatically increase your profits and the number of deals you can do, and limit your personal liability.

Bryan Dunklin, a lawyer with 30 years of experience who taught real estate law at SMU for 23 years walks you through the details, explains the law, and shows you step-by-step how to buy and sell using these creative techniques. The "why" is obvious. In today’s market, it’s almost impossible to do a deal where a new conventional loan is required. This full-day class is based on actual deals being done in Texas today.
Bryan goes through the contracts, the closing checklist, and the documents. Think about it.  What would you have to pay an experienced lawyer for more than six hours of his time?

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