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     "Ideal Floors at an iDeal Price"

iDeal Floors was founded in 2011 in Duncanville, Texas and was serving DFW for over twenty years before then under another name.  From the beginning, the Hames family felt there was a need for quality flooring at a price that families could afford.  They didn’t believe families should have to overpay for quality floors that would last, so they developed a product line that could cater to all price points.

  What makes iDeal Floors different is the staff and their personal commitment to customer satisfaction.  iDeal Floors aims for satisfied customers every time, and that shows in the outstanding customer service on display at all six metroplex locations.  
The sales staff is never high-pressure but rather they are dedicated to getting you the best flooring solution for your needs and budget.  You’ll feel that difference as soon as you visit a showroom.

  iDeal Floors has built their business on referrals and word of mouth recommendations from former customers which is the best indication of their quality products, service and prices.

Make iDeal Floors your first stop to shop for quality tile, natural wood, durable carpet, laminate and even fashionable area rugs.

  iDeal Floors features discounted stock or end-of-stock specials which are perfect for finishing smaller spaces and rooms (bathrooms or home office) and they have a beautiful revolving selection of durable area rugs to suit any d├ęcor.

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