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Who Is Lou Brown?

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"Having Your Own Creative Property Management Cash Flow Machine")

He started Buying, Holding & Selling Real Estate as a teenager in 1976. That’s when a family friend told him to buy his first home when he was barely scraping by in a dead-end job.

Lou spent the next few years bumbling his way through buying & selling more Real Estate without having anyone to show him the “right ways” to invest. Turns out, not knowing what to do became his greatest advantage.

Not knowing the “rules” also meant not knowing the limits. His creativity flourished as he invented one uncommon approach to investing after another.

He kept experimenting, Learning from each new deal, Tweaking & Refining things to create more unique & irresistible ways to create deals from nothing.

Eventually, Lou developed a SYSTEM that was like none other in the industry.

He figured out how to add in profit centers where none had existed before, how to get sellers to agree to sell to him even when they had turned other buyers down - and - he even discovered a little know secret dating back to ancient Rome and brought to America by the founding fathers.

This one secret transformed how he invested, becoming a foundation for every single one of his hundreds & hundreds of investments.

Through volunteer work with Real Estate Investing Associations, Lou started sharing his discoveries with others and created Street SmartĀ® Investor in 1987.

Today Lou is a bestselling author, speaker, and philanthropist with students in all 50 states and many foreign countries whose nicknames include the ‘King of Cashflow’ and ‘The Man Who Perfected Do It Yourself Real Estate Investing.’

Lou’s secrets will change your understanding of real estate and allow you to make the most money with the least effort. His incredibly unique approach to investing and property management enables people to make more profits with less time & energy.

When you see Lou’s Real Estate Systems & Methods, you’ll immediately see that they are totally different from what 99% of all other investors and Real Estate experts do & teach.

These “secrets” have afforded Lou a wonderful life (and an impressive passive income) that continues to improve every passing month.

Lou has invested in single-family homes, apartments, hotels & notes and has developed commercial & residential subdivisions.

Countless investors in all fifty states across Canada and fifteen foreign countries as far away as Australia and New Zealand regard Lou’s training systems & forms as the best in the industry. After this special masterclass with Lou, you will too!

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