Dallas/Fort Worth Real Estate Investor Club

Special Features

MPj03168220000[1].jpg"Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down"

If you are considering buying or selling a certain house, but you would like some advice before you go forward with the deal, you can present the deal’s info to the group and receive valuable feedback, along with an "up or down" vote on whether the deal is a good one.  There is always a "post vote" discussion with explanations from those who voted "thumbs up" and from those who voted "thumbs down."  This is a very valuable tool that has brought great benefit to many of us.


house on pile of cash.jpgDeals

If you have a signed contract to buy a house and would like to sell your position in that contract to another investor, or if you are a real estate agent with an investment property listing, you can present the deal to the group. There are always several investors at our meetings who want to buy houses and have access to plenty of cash so they can close quickly.


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