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L. Scott Horne

(Register: Saturday Full-Day Class 11/21/20)

L. Scott Horne is an attorney with Horne and Associates, PC in Dallas, Texas.  He has been practicing law in Texas for over 30 years. In addition to being a Title Company Fee Attorney with offices in the Dallas Ft. Worth area, his firm focuses in working with realtors and Real Estate Investors in all types of Real Estate transactions; retail and investment. Scott’s primary focus is on structuring and drafting creative Real Estate transactions, corporate structuring and finding creative solutions to ensure profitability for the Real Estate transaction.  His unique approach comes from hands on experience through companies he operates, including companies which have:

- Purchased, remodeled and sold, over 3,500 single homes

- Transacted and sold over $350MM in private mortgages

- Transacted approximately 4,000 asset based, hard money transactions totaling over $400MM

- Owned and operated a full-service mortgage banking company

- Has built 50 plus single-family homes

- Has owned and managed hundreds of single-family rental properties

- Owns hundreds of Owner-Financed mortgages

Having completed approximately 10,000 creative financed transactions, Scott brings an unparalleled level of knowledge and experience to the table. Scott has spent years helping Investors and Realtors take a deal from inception to completion. Scott provides his clients with practical, fluid innovative thinking, creative financing solutions, legal counsel, and financing options to succeed in Real Estate Investing.

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