Dallas-Fort Worth Real Estate Investor Club

 Eric Reish
(972) 805-4515

Texas Unity Insurance Services has helped thousands of people just like you save a fortune on their insurance.  They do this by quickly comparing the price, features and financial strength of dozens of insurance products from brand names you trust and then presenting you with the best options.

Eric Reish is passionate about working with property owners to provide them with the right policy for their specific needs, because he knows that the most expensive insurance is the wrong kind of insurance and wants to be sure his clients never make a claim only to find out after it's too late that they were not properly insured.

Whether you're a Real Estate Agent, a Real Estate Investor or a first-time home buyer, Eric can help you.  Since he works with over 65 insurance carriers and is adding more all the time, he's always one of the first to know when a new type of insurance policy with better coverage becomes available, and he proactively keeps his clients informed about new ways they can get better coverage for less cost.

Give Eric a call today to review your current insurance coverage and to see if he can get you a better deal!

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