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51 Single-Family Packaged Deal in Denison, Texas

  • 10 Jan 2017 3:08 PM
    Message # 4534125

    Hi All.  Is anyone interested?  Dave

    All properties have been renovated and are occupied.

    51 Single-Family Properties-Packaged Deal Investment in Denison, Texas (one house in Howe, Texas)

    Build dates between 1900 - 1989 with majority around 1930

    Size between 588 SqFt - 2100 SqFt, average size 1200 SqFt

    Rent between $550/mo - $1000/mo, average rent $772/mo

    This is a cash flow deal, using multifamily metrics the annual NOI is $468,000 and using a 12% cap rate would value the package at $3.9Mil.

    Purchase price is $2.7Mil plus closing costs

    We are looking for a direct buyer, if you are a direct buyer and can produce a proof of funds we can move very quickly.

    If you are a broker/Realtor or have a buyer in mind, we would need to see a proof of funds.

    Rent roll is available with 5 examples of the rehab done across the properties if you are interested.

    No seller financing. No rent to own.

    Proof of funds required.

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